Friday, 7 September 2012

Selenium IDE

1) This is add-on for Mozilla firefox

2) It has record and playback future .

3) Using IDE we can create , update , delete, insert the testcases

4) we can insert comments using Selenium IDE

5) we play all the testcases at one instance ( Test Suite -   No's testcases )

6) Debugging also possible

7)Html is default language

8)we can minize or maximize execution testcases speed

9)Export our testcase to other languages is also possible ( like Java with Junit , C# , Python , PHP , 

10)we can Extend the Selenium IDE functionality By adding external JavaScript file.

Drawback of   Selenium IDE

1) Database testing is not possible

2) Working with external files is not possible

3) Detailed Report is not possible

4) By default IDE is not supporting loops , conditional statements

5) It is Add-on to the  Mozilla Firefox only 

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