Locate an element which have same name and same atrributes in selenium

Automation using selenium is a great experience. It provides many way to identif an object or element on the web page.
But sometime we face the problems of idenfying the objects on a page which have same attributes. When we get more than
one element which are same in attribute and name like multiple check boxes with same name and same id. More than one button having
same name and ids. There are no way to distingues those element. In this case we have problem to instruct selenium to identify a perticular
object on a web page.
I am giving you a simple example . In the below HTML source there are 6 check boxes are there having same type and same name.
It is really tough to select third or fifth.

Thare are some function we can use in Xpath to identify the abject in above cases.
An XPath expression can return one of four basic XPath data types:

* String
* Number
* Boolean
* Node-set

XPath Type : Functions

Node set : last(), position(), count(), id(), local-name(), namespace-uri(), name()

String : string(), concat(), starts-with(), contains(), substring-before(), substring-after(), substring(), string-length(), normalize-space(), translate()

Boolean : boolean(), not(), true(), false(), lang()

Number : number(), sum(), floor(), ceiling(), round()

I will show you how we can use some of these above functions in xpath to identify the objects.
<input type='checkbox' name='chk'>first
<br><input type='checkbox' name='chk'>second
<br><input type='checkbox' name='chk'>third
<br><input type='checkbox' name='chk'>forth
<br><input type='checkbox' name='chk'>fifth
<br><input type='checkbox' name='chk'>sixth



Click on first link
Click on second link
Click on last link
Click on thrid link

How to Write in iFrame in selenium

When you write any mail in gmail you can see the body is a iframe we can write in it using

String  = selenium.getEval("var bodytext=\" Writing text in iframe body with the help of http://automationtricks.blogspot.com \";  var iframe_locator=\"css=table:contains('Subject:') +*  iframe\";  
 var iframe_body=selenium.browserbot.findElement(iframe_locator).contentWindow.document.body;   if (browserVersion.isChrome){  
 }  else if(browserVersion.isIE){


  1. If all check boxes size increasing or decreasing dynamically and all check boxes having same values then how to check each and every check boxes.

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